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How do I tell if my product contains a fragrance?

The product ingredient list will refer to ‘perfume or parfum’.

Why are fragrances added to products?

Fragrances do more than make a product smell nice: they can help to enhance our moods and make an important contribution to how we feel about ourselves. They are often used to differentiate products from others in the market or to mask unpleasant odours.

I have sensitive skin, can I avoid fragrance?

You can choose unfragranced products by checking the ingredients list for the absence of ‘perfume/parfum’ or essential oils.  Products labelled as unperfumed, unscented or fragrance-free may not smell scented, but might contain a fragrance to mask an unpleasant odour in the base material.

You should consult a dermatologist to discuss the options available to you as fragrances are not the only source of potential irritants.