Virginie Daniau of Parfum Parfait accepted as IFRA UK Consultant Member

IFRA UK has accepted Virginie Daniau of Parfum Parfait as a Consultant Member of the Association.


Virginie Daniau is an independent fragrance consultant, and helps businesses and people with scents. She will design fragrances best suited for a brand, interacting with fragrance houses from the writing of the brief, through the development phase, all the way to the product launch.

Virginie is also known as the ‘fragrance tailor’ and offers private customers objective guidance in the choice of a fine fragrance. These private consultations give her a unique insight into consumer olfactive preferences.

A trained chemist, she has worked for over 15 years as a Creative Fragrance Manager for a large fragrance house and is also an associate member of the British Society of Perfumers.

Lisa Hipgrave, Director of IFRA UK, said: “We are always keen to promote the enjoyment of fragrance to an even wider audience to and support members who do so.  The work that Virginie carries out does just that. We are delighted therefore to welcome her as a Member – the fifth new member to join within the last few months”.


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