The IFRA UK Fragrance Forum

IFRA UK’s annual leading event is the IFRA UK Fragrance Forum.
Held on the same day as the Association’s AGM, members, stakeholders, academics, journalists and interested parties are invited to celebrate the rich and diverse world of fragrance and olfaction and how it relates to the world around us.

First conceived in 2011, the event has gone from strength to strength and enjoyed the hospitality of notable venues such as the Royal Society and the Wellcome Collection.

Underpinning each Forum is a desire to explore the sense of smell in all its facets and from many perspectives.
Members are welcome to send two delegates to the Forum at no charge and further tickets are available to purchase for members and non-members.

The IFRA UK Fragrance Forum Anniversary book which celebrates a decade of the Forum, is now available from

You can read an excerpt here

Content from the 2022 Forum:

Below you can find links to digital versions of our previous programmes:

2022: Scents of Identity: How Our Sense of Smell Defines Us
2021: Hidden Depths: Memory, Language and the Sense of Place
2020: Olfaction: A Journey
2019: Scent and artificial intelligence
2018: Scentimental – Fragrance on the mind
2017: Scents and sensibility
2016: Do you smell well?
2015: Our fragrant world
2014: Fragrance matters
2013: Psychology of fragrance
2012: From flower to shower
2011: IFRA UK Fragrance Forum

Information Day

Every year we hold an information day. All members of the Association are welcome to attend for updates on regulatory and technical issues and other topical concerns within the fragrance industry. 

Technical Advisory Group Open Meeting

To attend the TAG open meeting for updates on current regulatory issues or to ask for guidance on specific issues.