Value of Fragrance 

2019 Socio-economic study, based on 2017 figures, on the value of fragrance demonstrates the benefits fragrance brings to products beyond pure enjoyment.

Globally, the industry generates €7.3 billion of sales, with €357 billions of sales from consumer product manufacturing and retailing.

In the UK, the value added to the economy is £133 million.

See our press release from October 2019


The fragrance industry is committed to more sustainable ways of working and is looking at innovative ways of giving consumers the desired effect they want from their fragranced products across a range of applications.

As a result, many fragrance companies have invested heavily in sustainable practices over the years. A new initiative to benchmark and develop the combined work of both the flavour and fragrance industry has been launched as the IFRA-IOFI Sustainability Charter.

This voluntary charter will help ensure the sustainable goals of our industry continue to grow and the wide range of materials from natural and synthetic origins can be maintained.


The IFRA Fragrance Ingredient Glossary helps dialogue within the industry by harmonizing the olfactory descriptors.

It is available to download and use, subject to compliance with the terms and conditions of use.